"Top 10 Greatest Managers in WWE History"

#10 Jim Cornette

Legendary wrestling manager known for his sharp wit, cunning strategies, and unwavering loyalty.

#09 The Grand Wizard

In the golden era of WWE, he was renowned for his charismatic presence, mesmerizing promos, and ability to lead wrestlers to championships.

#08 Arnold Skaaland

A legendary WWE manager and former wrestler, known for his astute managerial skills, unwavering dedication to his proteges, and significant contributions to the sport of professional wrestling.

#07 Classy Freddie Blassie

A revered WWE manager known for his sharp-tongued promos, charismatic persona, and knack for ruthlessly guiding his wrestlers to championship glory.

#06 Miss Elizabeth

Professional wrestling's iconic manager and valet, known for her elegance, grace, and ability to provide unwavering support to her wrestlers.

#05 Sensational Sherri

An iconic WWE manager and valet with a great sense of presence, fierce loyalty to her wrestlers, and a unique ability to stir up drama and excitement in the ring.

#04 Jimmy Hart

WWE manager and master of the megaphone, celebrated for his colorful personality, relentless advocacy for his wrestlers, and unrivaled ability to amplify their charisma.

#03  Paul Bearer

The Undertaker's caretaker added an element of eerie and mysterious ambiance to the world of professional wrestling with his eerie presence and sinister demeanor.

#02  Paul Heyman 

A brilliant WWE manager and advocate known for his unmatched mic skills, strategic genius, and unwavering loyalty to the wrestlers he represents.

#01 Bobby Heenan

He is known for his quick wit, entertaining commentary, and cunning ways of supporting his wrestlers while orchestrating chaos for his opponents.