"WWE Superstars' Unconventional Companions: Their Pets


Randy Orton, the WWE Superstar, has an interesting personal life, and is a huge dog lover. On social media, he often shares fun pictures with his black and white dog, showing their close bond.

#09 The rock

He's not only charismatic but also a devoted dog lover. The Rock proudly owns French bulldogs, often posting them online. Sadly, one of his dogs had to be euthanized due to ingesting poisonous mushrooms.


He's a devoted family man and proud pet owner, with three dogs, two of which are Dachshunds. Owens often captures moments with his furry companions, One of his Dachshunds has a brown coat, while the other sports a black coat.


The Undertaker, WWE's big dog, is a lover of large dogs in real life. He owned Zeus, a favorite pet, and created a foundation in Zeus's memory to prevent diseases in big dogs, a cause close to his heart as his WWE career nears its end.


Seth Rollins may have had some crazy matches and a huge rivalry with Kevin Owens, but when he goes back home, Kevin is actually his best friend. Kevin the dog that is. Rollins is the proud owner of a small Yorkshire.

#05 THE MIZ AND maryse

The Miz and Maryse,  have a few dogs together. Maryse loves adopting needy animals, sometimes surprising Miz with a new addition. Fortunately, these dogs are small-sized, like Chihuahuas, so they don't take up much space.


On National Dog Day, they adopted an English Mastiff puppy, which  grew into a massive animal. They named the dog Andre, after Andre the Giant, which suits its size perfectly. They frequently shares pictures of Andre on their Instagram


Cody Rhodes is a proud and doting doggy daddy. Cody and his wife Brandi adopted a dog and wanted to train it properly. This is why both Cody and Brandi showcased their dog's training through social media


Tyson Kidd and Natalya own a pet cat by the name of 2Pawz. The cat looks like a special mix between Grumpy Cat and Garfield. Natalya loves the cat so much that she even gave it its own Instagram, such a Nattie move.


William Regal has an obsession with reptiles. Reptiles such as large lizards, snakes, and other animals would scare most people away, Regal took the opportunity to play with them as much as he could.