WWE Superstars with the most losses in their careers

7. Cody Rhodes - 883 Losses

He's currently out of action because of a serious concussion he suffered against Seth Rollins. The American nightmare has been rebranded several times in WWE and he was mostly a mid-card superstar.

6. The Big Show - 910 Losses

The World's Largest Athlete has given some disappointing performances in the business, whether it's interrupting a brawl or just walking away in a legal match.

5. Randy Orton - 1017 Losses

Randy Orton has been simply the most notorious heel in the history of the company. And because he was a heel, he had to be defeated on a decent number of occasions.

4. Dolph Ziggler - 1104 Losses

The 'Show-off' is one of the most high-performing superstars in the business but he has been a heel for most of his career. Because of that, he stands here on the list.

3. Brooklyn Brawler - 1169 Losses

An unexpected name on the list? Brooklyn Brawler was basically a jobber who was usually used for talent enhancement in the late '80s. He lost against almost all the stats on the roster at that time.

2. The Miz - 1182 Losses

The A-lister has been the main source of entertainment for WWE for a long time.  The Miz has never backed down from putting other stars over.

1. Kane - 1221 Losses

After making a failed debut as Dr. Isaac Yankem, Kane got the gimmick of the Big Red Machine and the rest is history. He has competed in the highest number of matches for WWE, 2807.

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