7 WWE Superstars with the most PPV win

7. Chris Jericho - 53 Win

Chris Jericho has crafted a few really iconic wins over superstars such as Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock in his career.

6. Roman Reigns - 59 Win

The undisputed Universal WWE Champion Roman Reigns will surely move up on the list.

5. Kane - 65 Wins

The Big Red Machine of Destruction has pulled some brilliant bangers in his WWE career, for example, his matches against The Undertaker, Triple H, and Edge.

4. Randy Orton - 77 Win

Randy Orton holds the record for most PPV matches in the history of WWE. But in this list, he's in the fourth spot.

3. Triple H - 87 Wins

Hunter is the most important superstar for WWE. He has been brilliant in-ring as well as from the office. Triple H has defeated The Undertaker, The Rock, Steve Austin, and more.

2. John Cena - 93 Wins

John Cena is among the most dominant WWE Superstars in history. In 2007, he will 10 out of his 11 PPV matches.

1. The Undertaker - 101 Wins

The Deadman is the only WWE Superstar who has crossed the three-digit mark on the list. He also had a 21-match winning streak at Wrestler.

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