Who was behind the invention of Figure-Four Leglock?

Figure-Four Leglock is among the most famous holds in WWE. Infamous for its use by Ric Flair, this leglock was not his original creation.

In this popular move, the wrestler folds his fallen opponents legs in such a way that it looks like the number 4. This creates a great tension and causes enormous pain.

Nature Boy Ric Flair used this specific lock hold to force out numerous foes to win 16 WWE Championships.

However, it was another 'Nature Boy' Buddy Rogers who first created and used this move in a squared ring in the 1950s.

After his retirement, his signature move was taken up by many other fellow mates. The likes of Dusty Rhodes and Greg Valentine made good use of this move.

Finally, it fell in the hands of Ric Flair who was titled the next Nature Boy. He used this Figure-Four Leg Lock to win a total of 16 Championships.