Who is the actual creator of Randy Orton's RKO?

Randy Orton's RKO is one of the most popular and appealing finishers in the WWE moves arsenal. However, Randy Orton is not it's original creator. 

Most of the fans and WWE avid watchers believe that RKO is a original move by Randy whose full name is Randy Keith Orton. When abbreviated it reads RKO.

However, that's not the case. Even though the move is heavily used by Randy Orton, the original creator of the move is John Laurinaitis.

John is a former WWE RAW General Manager and a former wrestler himself. He first heard about the idea from Barry Windham about the front face neckbreaker.

John first used the move when he was in All Japan Pro Wrestling in 1988. He used to call it the Ace Crusher. The move received a great applause from the audiece.

He then taught the move to Diamond Dallas Page who then ultimately passed it on to Randy Orton. Page renamed the move to Diamond Cutter. And then it was again changed to RKO.