Who is the creator of Shooting Star Press?

One of the most difficult WWE maneuvers is the Shooting Star Press. This aerial move's creator is not whom you would expect to be.

Shooting Star Press requires spot on accuracy and amazing athletic and aerial skills. A lot aerial enthusiasts have used these move to put on great performances.

The original creation credits go to a Japanese star Jushin "Thunder" Liger. He was the first to innovate and put this move into practice.

This move was later inherited by a lot of other highfliers. The likes of John Morrison and Evan Bourne easily adapted to this move and were great with it.

Former Champion Brock Lesnar had almost ended his career while using this move in WrestleMania 19. He failed to complete the flip and landed on his forehead.

Shooting Star Press will go on to live as a lot of wrestlers would be using it to put on great performances. However, the invention credit will always go to Jashin Liger.