What happened to WWE superstar Daffney?

One of the few women to win the WCW Cruiserweight Championship, Daffney was among the most infuential women wrestlers of her era.

Despite being so successful in the field of pro wrestling, Daffney had a setback and went out of action. Let us know about what happened to her.

Soon after she was at the peak of her career, Daffney was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder in the year 2003 and this was the start of the end of her career.

With due time, her mental health started depreciating pretty fast. She underwent a vertebrae surgery in 2017 to fuse her C-4 and C-5 vertebrae.

In 2021, Daffney went live on social media and read her suicide note on the stream. She requested that after her death, her brain should be donated for CTE testing.

The day after the live stream on Instagram, Daffney was announced dead. Autopsy reports suggested it was a suicide by shooting bullet through her chest.