Top 7 Real-life Feuds in the history of WWE

7. Taz Vs. Triple H

According to Taz, he came, he impressed, and he was buried and relegated for being great. The name behind his career getting buried was Triple H, because of his relationship with the McMahons.

6. Bret Hart and Shawn Michael

The rivalry gave us some of the most iconic matches in the company but it didn't start as a normal scripted fight.

5. John Cena and Kenn Doane

Kenn Doane's world shattered when he found out that his fiance Mickie James was having an affair with Cena. Although, this later got cleared by Cena's side but Kenn wasn't happy with it.

4. Matt Hardy and Paul London

Their feud rose when Ashley Massaro started dating Paul London almost immediately after her relationship with Matt Hardy ended.

3. The Batista-Melina-John Morrison Triangle

The feud was fueled when Batista was allegedly in an affair with Melina when she was dating John Morrison already. Although Melina has spoken about it but it's not known whether it's true or not.

2. Alberto Del Rio and Mistico

Alberto Del Rio and the real 'Sin Cara' have been really vocal about their issues and feuds. It's also said that Mistico even pulled a gun on Alberto Del Rio in Mexico.

1. Vince McMahon and Jeff Jarrett

In 1999, Jarrett's contract was about to expire and he was the IC Champion. On the last day of his contract, he had to face Chyna and lose against her. For that, he took $300,000 from Vince. From there, McMahon cleared that he'll never do business with Double J again.

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