Top 10 Greatest Nicknames in WWE History

#10 The rated r superstar

Famous for his live love-making scenes in WWE, Edge was given this nickname which implied that it was for a restricted audience.

#9 The beast incarnate

True to his nickname, Brock Lesnar is a real beast when it comes to wrestling. He fights like he is feeding on his prey.

#8 The phenomenal one

AJ Styles is one of the elite Superstars in the industry. His WWE career is just as his nickname: Phenomenal.

#7 The game

While other superstars claimed that they were at the top of the game, Triple H established himself as 'The Game'.

#6 the heartbreak kid

Mr. WrestleMania and The Showstopper were not enough to describe Shawn Michaels that he was dubbed as The Heartbreak Kid.

#5 the dirtiest player in the game

WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair was so famous for his trickery and mind games that he was given this suiting name.

#4 the deadman

After arising awake from death on multiple occasions, Undertaker was dubbed as The Deadman and had this dark fitting persona.

#3 the viper

After seeing him wrestle in that ring, anyone would've recognized Randy Orton as The Viper. His body, techniques, and character gave it away pretty easily.

#2 the texas rattlesnake

After a streak of non-stop betrayals, nobody ever wanted to put their trust on Stone Cold Steve Austin. He was named The Texas Rattlesnake.

#1 the people's champion

WWE overachiever and Hollywood sensation, The Rock is deemed to become The People's Champion with his humungous fan following.