Top 10 Wrestling moves that don't hurt

#10 The worm

Scotty 2 Hotty's personal favorite and his most used move The Worm was one of the flashiest moves but it didn't hurt at all.

#9 sleeping elbow drop

Wendy Choo from NXT is a wrestler with one of the  most unique gimmicks. And her tired and sleepy character matched with her harmless signature move.

#8 Orange Cassidy kicks

A powerless kick from Orange Cassidy become his signature move. As a part of his comic character, this practically harmless kicks got a lot of reception.

#7 Five Knuckle Shuffle

One of John Cena's move arsenal, Five Knuckle Shuffle was the one that was "no pain only gain" move.

#6 Salida del sol

This maneuver by Kalisto looked quite flashy and deadly. However, it was nothing more than a back bump which didn't hurt at all.

#5 People's elbow

As flashy as it seems, the People's Elbow of The Rock was not actually that harmful. This is where Rock's charisma shined bright.

#4 bronco buster

A sidekick in the cast of wrestling moves, Bronco Buster even with the full force didn't do much damage.

#3 playmaker

MVP's moves were even more fantastic. However, Playmaker move was one that didn't deliver any pain to his opponent.

#2 Warrior Splash

Unlike its name this flashy maneuver was practically harmless. The hype was all about The Ultimate Warrior selling the move to audience.

#1 Cobra

Santino Marella's Sock Cobra was nothing but "all show". It was just a tap on the face of the opponent who had to then sell it hard.