The WWE universe thinks that Triple H is punishing this WWE Superstar for his past comment

Triple H took over as the Chief Content Officer of WWE after Vince McMahon's departure.

And it's simply one of the best things that ever happened to WWE.

But the WWE Universe thinks that the Hunter is punishing a WWE superstar for his past comments.

And the WWE superstar is none other than Mustafa Ali.

At the end of July, Triple H had control over all three brands. And he started hiring former talents.

WWE Universe has praised the weekly and monthly shows produced by WWE under the new regime.

Earlier this year, Mustafa Ali went public and asked for his release from the company. But his request wasn't granted by the company.

It's been a few weeks and Mustafa Ali has been attacked by Bobby Lashley on every episode of WWE RAW. And the WWE Universe thinks that Triple H is punishing the Superstar.

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