Which pair has won the most Tag Team Championships in WWE history?

7. The Bar – 5 reigns

Cesaro and Sheamus were quite an unexpected pair. But after they came together, they became dominant.

6. New Age Outlaws – 6 reigns

The duo of Road Dogg" Jesse James and "Badd Ass" Billy Gunn are on the 6th spot in the list. Unexpected?

5. Edge and Christian – 7 reigns

Edge and Christian are among the best tag teams we ever saw in WWE.

4. The Usos – 8 reigns

The current champions started their WWE as a tag team and no force can break the brotherhood of the USOs (except Sami Zayn).

3. The Hardy Boyz – 9 reigns

The Daredevil pair of the Hardy Boyz have given us various bangers as well as breathtaking moments.

2. The Dudley Boyz – 10 reigns

Their name in the list was sure to come after we saw Edge and Christian and the Hardy Boyz.

1. The New Day – 11 reigns

New Day Rocks! One of the most adored stables in WWE are currently suffering due to the absence of their talisman Big E. But we hope he comes back soon.

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