The Undertaker's legendary WrestleMania streak

The Undertaker is one of the most decorated Wrestlers and WWE superstar of all time. The Hall of Famer is one of the coldest wrestlers to have stepped on the stage.

He is very well known for not losing his matches and his legendary WrestleMania streak that he maintained for 21 years.

The Undertaker went on to win 21 consecutive WrestleMania matchups. These includes a broad spectrum of match types that he sailed through easily and won.

Undertaker's debut WrestleMania was in the year 1991 where he fought against Hall Of Famer Jimmy Snuka.

His legendary streak came to an end after 21 years of endless victories when UFC star Brock Lesnar confronted him in WrestleMania XXX.

There were mixed reactions to this event and it was heart-breaking for Undertaker fans to see it transpire. However, Undertaker will still be remembered for his flawless run of 2 decades.

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