7 best signature moves in the history of WWE

Signature moves are different from finishers, they are seen as an offensive maneuver that fans have come to expect from a certain superstar. They help in getting the audience hyped up at the juncture.

7. Triple Suplex

The Beast Incarnate has sent every single opponent to the Suplex City. Before him, the move was used by Rob Van Dam.

6. Old School - The Undertaker

Whenever we think of the Undertaker, we think of Tombstone Piledriver but when he gets on the top rope getting ready for Old School, the match comes close to the end.

5. Superman Punch - Roman Reigns

The current WWE Undisputed Universal Champion, Roman Reigns' Superman Punch requires no introduction. Following his signature move, Reigns perform Spear.

4. Draping DDT - Randy Orton

When Randy Orton is out of action, we're seeing his bro, Matt Riddle's perform the DDT and RKO. But what he did in the modern-day wrestling, goes unmatchable.

3. The 5 Knuckle Shuffle - John Cena

We haven't seen a better pair than John Cena and his 5 Knuckle Shuffle in WWE. "You can't see me!" will go with Cena always.

2. 619 - Rey Mysterio

The Shortest Big Man in WWE, Rey Mysterio's 619 has a different fanbase. Rey has been a top-notch entertainer in the history of WWE.

1. People's Elbow - The Rock

The most electrifying superstar in the history of WWE, the Rock is known as the People's champion for a reason. His People's elbow is highly adored by the WWE universe.

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