Akash Dolui

Aman Niranjane

Aman, 20, is a Journalism Student who loves watching and writing about Sports Entertainment i.e WWE.

Anshumaan Dixit

Aryan Nahar

Hey, I have been a sports fan since i was 8 years old and have loved tennis, football and basketball for years. Love Roger, Messi and Jordan respectively and respectfully.

Chandrima Banerjee

Chandrima is a first year student of SRM Institute of Technology. She is a sports enthusiast with a keen interest in writing . Her sports interests include Tennis, Football and Formula One.

Divinity Gautum

I’m an enthusiastic writer cultivating relationship with writing.

Kuheli Raha

kuheli raha, is an experienced content writer with experience of 3.5 years. Her hobbies are reading books, writing & creating digital content

Moksha Fotedar

moksha, 20, loves content writing for the sheer joy of transforming mundane topics into uproarious tales. she also has a knack for bizarre hobbies like synchronized nose-picking and interpreting squirrel language.

Priyansh Bhatt

A Wrestling,Football enthusiast been watching them for quite some time. Currently in college grinding for a good future.

Shorabh Kapri

Shorabh, a sport enthusiast and a player. He loves to be in the woods and experiencing new things.

Veenusha Sharma