WWE Reportedly sold to Saudi Arabia's Public Investment Fund after Vince McMahon's return

Pro Wrestling company WWE is reportedly sold to Saudi Arabia's Public investment fund and will soon go private after a final announcement is made.

Vince McMahon made a return on the board of directors after leaving the franchise 6 months ago.

Soon after his arrival, he was appointed as the executive chairperson and took some drastic decisions on WWE's future.

Her daughter Stephanie McMahon and the Co-CEO of the company resigned from her designation and left the company.

Soon after, there were tweet reports that WWE has been sold to Saudi Arabia's Public Investment Fund and will go private.

However, the tweets were soon taken down as WWE has to inform their investors and traders before making their deal and announcing it.

There is no official announcement, but all the fingers point towards the affirmation of the reports about WWE being sold by Vince McMahon.

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