WWE Hall of Famer thinks RAW Superstar didn't get a push because of "Small" Size

WWE Hall of Famer and Olympic games Gold medalist Kurt Angle recently spoke to Bill Apter about a WWE superstar.

According to Kurt Angle, the WWE Star never got the push he deserved in the company.

And the WWE superstar is none other than Alpha Academy's Chad Gable.

Chad Gable is also a dream opponent for the wrestling veteran. Angle also named Bret Hart and Bryan Danielson as his dream opponents.

Kurt Angle told Bill Apter that Gable reminds him of himself and he believes that his small size is a reason for his stagnant success.

"That kid is incredible. He reminds me so much of myself. He's a little bit smaller, I think that's the reason why he hasn't been pushed as much as he should have."

The Olympic gold medalist also praised Chad Gable for his in-ring abilities and techniques.

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