WWE Hall of Famer rules out the possibility of a last match

WWE Hall of Famers such as Stone Cold Steve Austin and Ric Flair made their in-ring returns earlier this year.

Following the list of the comeback, Shawn Michaels' name also emerged for a match.

The Heart Break kid has been a crucial part of WWE in the last few months.

After Triple H took the charge of RAW and SmackDown, Shawn Michaels also got the responsibility of NXT.

And it's fair to say that the Heart Break kid has done a brilliant job as the Senior Vice President of Talent Development Creative.

In a recent interview, Shawn Michaels was asked about whether we'll see him back in action for a last match. To which he replied:

"No, no. Once a decade, yeah no. I’ve had that final match. Nope. Father time waits on no man. I’m good. And I’m unbelievably happy with my career, and it is now time to watch the next generation flourish."

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