Why was Sunny released by WWE?

Tammy Lynn Sytch aka Sunny is one of those wrestlers, that had a great impact on the company in a very short period of time.

However, she was suddenly released by WWE and it all went downhill for her since then. Let us know more about the reason about her release by the company.

Even though she was not involved in much in-ring action, her run in WWE was a influential one with words as she mainly appeared as a manager.

It seems that Sunny was addicted to consuming painkillers. And that became the reason behind her release from the WWE contract.

The story doesn't stop here. She was still working through the independent circuit and was even inducted into WWE Hall Of Fame in 2011.

But it all went into vain when Sunny was arrested and charged with the death of a motorist in a crash in Ormond Beach, Florida.

Hold On. She was again arrested for possessing illegal weapons and making terrorist threats. Again. She was arrested yet again for 11 driving offenses on her name.

When does it stop? After all of this, she still had the nerve to drive. She was again involved in a car crash which resulted in the death of a 75-year-old man.