Why was Chyna dropped by WWE?

One of the most ferocious women's wrestler of her time. However, something happened that WWE decided to let her go. Lets know the reason behind Chyna's drop.

Chyna became a wrestling sensation soon after she joined WWE in 1997. She had become so great that her nickname became "The Ninth Wonder of The World."

Even though she was doing great in WWE and winning men's titles, WWE had to let go of Chyna after she demanded a hefty sum on her contract renewal.

Former Intercontinental Champion Chyna had asked WWE to assure her a million dollars annually for her work with the company.

The number was so huge that it blew Vince McMahon's mind, who without any hesitation denied the proposal from Chyna.

Chyna had demanded such a huge amount by claiming that she was worth more as a female and more unique than even Stone Cold Steve Austin himself.

The two couldn't meet on an agreement and Chyna left WWE after her contract expired in 2001. Her last match was against Lita who was defeated brutally.