Who was behind the first frogsplash in WWE History?

Frogsplash is one of the best moves in the show biz. It has been used by a lot of popular WWE superstars along the road.

It is aways so fun to watch someone jump up the top rope in a frog stance to hit their opponent. But you might not know who created the move.

No, it was not Eddie Guerrero. Contrary to what most people believe, Eddie was not the creator of frogsplash. Instead, it was his former tag partner.

Art Barr was a profound wrestler and was one of Eddie's best tag teammates. He was the one who first invented the move and brought to the WWE audience.

Art and Eddie were collectively known as Los Gringos Locos and were the most despised duos in the whole of Mexico. They used to wrestle as a tag team in Lucha Libre AAA.

Unfortunately, Art Barr aka The Love Machine passed away in 1994. Eddie inherited his former partner's move and made it super popular.