Who is the creator of WWE maneuver Moonsault?

Moonsault is one of the most famous maneuvers in WWE. However, its origin story is something you might not expect.

It is always crazy to see a WWE superstar do a backflip from the top rope to hit his opponent who is lying on the mat.

However, the one who thought about doing this was not some famous personality like Rey Mysterio. It was Mando Guerrero who started it.

Mando is the brother of a famous superstar Eddie Guerrero. He was well versed and learned the lucha-libre style of wrestling.

He was a fan of aerial maneuvers and hence went for the top rope backflip without giving it a second thought. This was later known as Moonsault.

Moonsault became a common move amongst high-flying wrestlers. The likes of Ultimo Dragon and Great Muta easily got the hang of it and made it famous.