Who is behind the invention of the Powerbomb?

When you see a highflyer's aerial move turn back into him, most of the times its the Powerbomb that stuns the opponent completely.

We usually see wrestlers with big physique and great strength use this move against lightweight highflyers. However the creator is not what you are imagining him to be.

The move was created by Lou Thsz when when he grappled Antonio Rocca around the waist and banged him on the mat.

He did this move for the first time in a wrestling match in Madison Square Garden in 1950s. This stunned the audience as well as the opponent himself.

Former NWA Champion Lou was one of the greatest minds in the pro wrestling industry and contributed in creating a lot of various maneuvers.

Some of his greatest creations were Thesz Press and STF which were later used by Stone Cold Steve Austin and John Cena repectively.