Which company is the front runner in buying WWE?

Since Vince McMahon's return on the board of directors, the whole wrestling universe has been under mayhem.

The company is supposed to be open for sale and there are reports on it being already sold to the Saudi Arabia's Public Investment Fund.

If we keep the reports on the side for now, there are a lot of competitors to bid on the Company's streaming rights.

Media companies like Comcast and Endeavour are among one of the leading bidders. However, there are other big companies that have their eyes set on WWE.

One of the front runners in the race to buy WWE is Disney. Disney is already involved in streaming WWE events in South-East Asia.

Another big shot company to get their hand on WWE is sport giant ESPN. 

Current WWE CEO Nick Khan met with Disney CEO and ESPN president amidst all the rumors and reports about the company being sold.

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