Top 7 Largest football stadiums in the world

Wembley Stadium


Wembley Stadium, situated in London, United Kingdom is an UEFA 4-star rated stadium with a capacity of 90,000. The record attendance for the stadium is 89,974.

Rose Bowl


Situated in Pasadena, California, Rose Bowl is a massive football stadium with a seating capacity of 88,565. However, the record audience in the stadium is 106,869.

FNB Stadium


Home ground of the South African football team, First National Bank Stadium, situated in Nasrec, Johannesburg has a capacity of 94,736.

Camp Nou


Another UEFA 4-star rated stadium, Camp Nou has a capacity of 99,354. The record attendance for this stadium is more than 120,000 people.



Although a ground primarily used for cricket, the ground is also used for association football matches where the record attendance goes up to 99,832 with a seating capacity of 100,024.

Michigan Stadium


Commonly known as "The Big House", Michigan Stadium is one of the biggest stadiums in the world with a capacity of 107,601 and a record attendance of 109,318.

Rungrado May Day Stadium


The second largest stadium in the world and the largest football stadium, Rungrado May Day stadium has a capacity of 114,000.

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