Top 7 iconic Money in the Bank moments

RKO from the top of the Ladder

Randy Orton went on a rampage in the Wrestlemania 23. But his most iconic hit was the RKO from the top of the MITB ladder.


Flying Kevin Owen

Braun Strowman sent Kevin Owen Flying into the ground from the top of the ladder.


Evan Bourne's shooting star

Evan Bourne pulled off one of the most amazing stunts in the WWE history by climbing on the highest ladder possible and then dropping off on all his competitors at once.


Jeff Hardy's incredible leg drop

Jeff Hardy climbed on top of the ladder to perform a leg drop on his opponent who was lying down on another ladder.


Matt Hardy's suplex on Ric Flair

Ric Flair put up a great show even if it meant his demise. 55-year old Ric was given a suplex from the top of the ring.


Shinsuke Nakamura vs AJ Styles

Upto everybody's expectations, this matchup between the two superstars was a complete thriller in 2017.


Kofi Kingston Stilt Walking

The most iconic moment in the Money in the Bank history would definitely be when Kofi Kingston used two ladders to stilt walk.