Top 7 failed pushes by WWE

7. Kharma

During her time with WWE, she got pregnant and then lost her baby. Kharma never had a proper run with the promotion and she wrestled in only one match.

6. Fandango

Fandango got to make his debut at WrestleMania 29, where he defeated pro wrestling legend Chris Jericho. But that didn't help him for long, he eventually ended up at NXT.  

5. Wade Barrett

Wade Barrett is also one the king of the Ring tournament in 2015. But it was too late as after the end of Nexus, WWE all ready lost their faith in the Brit.

4. Lord Tensai

After a dominant display in Japan, WWE brought Matt Bloom back in the business. He eventually ended up in a comedic tag team with Brodus Clay.  

3. Ezekiel Jackson

WWE thought that Ezekiel Jackson is the complete superstar that they were looking for to be the face of the company. But he ended up as another forgotten man.

2. Vladimir Kozlov

Kozlov found himself in the title picture initially. Eventually he became the second half of the a comedic tag team with Santino Marella.

1. Ryback

Ryback got an early push and he found himself battling against CM Punk and John Cena. But he was not a safe superstar to fight with. That eventually ended him as a mid card superstar.

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