Top 5 most successful teams in la liga history



Valencia is one of the most top teams in the Spanish league and have won a total of 6 La Liga titles and finished 2nd on 6 other occasions.

Athletic Bilbao


The Red and the Whites nab the 4th place on the list of most successful Spanish clubs. They have won a staggering 8 La Liga titles and were runner ups in 7 more.

Atletico Madrid


The 3rd best and most successful team on the Spanish soil is none other than Atletico Madrid. They have won over 11 La Liga titles and finished second in 10 more.



Barcelona is one of the top two teams that dominate the region very heavily. Barca have stood out victorious in 26 editions of the La Liga championship and finished second in 27 others.

Real Madrid


The reigning champions of the format and the most dominant team in the region, Real Madrid have won a total of 35 La Liga titles also placing 2nd in 24 other editions of the league.

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