Top 11 matches of Bray Wyatt in WWE history

#11 Wyatt vs Balor vs Reigns vs Rollins vs Joe (Extreme Rules 2017)

A chaotic clash of Bray Wyatt's mind games, Finn Balor's spirit, Roman Reigns' power, Seth Rollins' agility, Samoa Joe's aggression in a wild Extreme Rules match, 2017.

#10 Bray Wyatt vs Daniel Bryan (Royal Rumble 2020)

Wyatt as a Fiend and Bryan bound by strap, brutalizing each other in a sinister battle at Royal Rumble 2020.

#9 Bray Wyatt vs John Cena (Payback 2014)

Cena-Wyatt's brutal war in a Last Man Standing at Payback 2014 was full of  Mind games, resilience, Cena's triumph amid eerie atmosphere.

#8 Bray Wyatt Vs Finn Balor (SummerSlam 2019)

Wyatt as Fiend had an eerie presence with a quick domination and Balor's fight against the Fiend's supernatural persona was the highlight of the feud.

#7 Bray Wyatt Vs Chris Jericho (Raw, 9/8/2015)

The feud between the eater's of the world and Jericho was a bit of lackluster, but their final steel cage match at an episode of RAW stole the show.

#6 Bray Wyatt vs Roman Reigns (Hell in a Cell 2015)

Wyatt vs. Reigns was a fierce battle included with mind games and outside interference where Reigns prevails after Wyatt's family intervention.

#5 Bray Wyatt vs Undertaker (Wrestlemania 31)

This was the clash between the supernatural elements when the eaters of the world fought against The Deadman in Wrestlemania.

#4 Wyatt vs AJ vs Corbin vs Dean vs Cena vs Miz (Elimination Chamber)

This six man elimination match was everything that this match should have been with Wyatt winning his first gold at the end of the match.

#3 Team SmackDown vs. Team Raw (Survivor Series 2016)

Wyatt and Orton orchestrates dominant SmackDown win as Wyatt's leadership plays a pivotal role in cross-brand win.

#2 Bray Wyatt Vs Daniel Bryan (Royal Rumble 2014)

Wyatt manipulates Bryan's mind with hi sinister allure prevailing and costing Bryan victory which further ignite their feud.

#1 The Wyatt Family vs. The Shield (Elimination Chamber 2014)

Wyatt Family clashes with the Shield in a dream match which lead to an  intense battle and Wyatt's eerie tactics but Shield's resilience prevails.