Top 10 wrestlers who left WWE for AEW

#10 Chris Jericho

AEW's first big signing from WWE was in the form of Chris Jericho who joined the company in 2019.

#9 Dean Ambrose

After The Shield split, Dean Ambrose was unhappy with how his potential was not being used. He soon jump shipped to AEW.

#8 Christian Cage

Christian's contact with WWE saw it's end in 2021, just when all the wrestlers were jumping off to AEW. He followed in on the trend.

#7 cody rhodes

Unlike other wrestlers, Cody Rhodes left WWE but not to join AEW as a wrestler but a co-founder.

#6 Goldust(dustin rhodes)

After his brother co-founded the company Goldust didn't hesitate an inch to leave WWE to join AEW.

#5 The Big Show

After wrestling on the WWE ring for almost 2 decades, The Big Show left the company and joined AEW. But this time as a commentator.

#4 Mark Henry

Just like his big old friend Big Show, Mark Henry also joined AEW as a semi-retired commentator for the company.

#3 Sting

Sting was believed to be done for in 2014. However, everybody saw his revival in Tony Khan's AEW in late 2020.

#2 Daniel bryan

After having a great Championship run, Daniel Bryan took an exit from WWE to make his name in the rival company in 2021.

#1 cm punk

Former Champion CM Punk had halted his career as a pro wrestler in 2014. He returned in 2021 only to join AEW.