Top 10 Unluckiest WWE Superstars of all time

#10 chelsea green

Chelsea's TV debut resulted in a broken wrist. Even when she returned, the pandemic hit. At last when she got a chance to redeem in a match she again broke her wrist.

#9 Rob van dam

After he won Championship title, Rob was arrested for possession of marijuana and vicodin. He was advertised as the face of WWE just before the incident.

#8 Evan bourne

Soon after his debut, Evan faced a shoulder injury followed by two wellness violations. And when things started to get better he got involved in a motorcycle crash.

#7 sin cara

Let alone the bad reception that the initial Sin Cara got, the constant knee and finger injuries were also a big misfortune that fell upon a great character.

#6 muhammad hassan

After WWE decided that it would be great to make Hassan a part of terrorism and portray him as one, it all ended for him as professional wrestler as the audience was furiated.

#5 Randy Orton

After he was suspended for violating company policy for the second time, he was also out of action for almost 2 years after a back injury.

#4 Wade barrett

Wade Barrett was at his best when he was a heel at the company. However, he was sidelined after an injury that saw him out of WrestleMania.

#3 Alberto Del Rio

Since when he joined WWE as a professional wrestler, his career has been bed-ridden with multiple injuries. Another great character wasted by injuries.

#2 Mr. Kennedy

After having rough relations with Randy Orton and John Cena off-the-stage, wellness violation was the last thing he should've went for. Not to mention the injury that got him off the hook of stardom.

#1 Kharma

Kharma was saviour of the Women's faction when she arrived. However, she was out of action after she announced her pregnancy. Her misfortune grew larger when she miscarried.