Top 10 Shortest Matches in the history of WWE

#10 Kofi Kingston def. Brian Kendrick (12 Seconds )

Kofi Kingston swiftly outmaneuvered Brian Kendrick in an episode of SmackDown securing a victory in just 12 seconds.

#9 Sheamus def. Zack Ryder (11 Seconds )

Sheamus powerfully finished Zack Ryder in a WWE Championship match with a quick Brogue Kick, achieving victory in a mere 11 seconds.

#8 Kane def. Chavo Guerrero  ( 10 Seconds  )

Kane set a WrestleMania record with beating Chavo Guerrero in an mere nine seconds of domination.

#7 Brock Lesnar def. Kofi Kingston ( 9 Seconds )

Brock Lesnar explosively dominated Kofi Kingston in a WWE Championship match, instantly executing an F-5 to win the match in a mere 9 seconds.

#6 Diesel def. Bob Backlund  (8 Seconds )

Diesel (Kevin Nash) overwhelmed Bob Backlund with a rapid Jackknife Powerbomb, securing victory astonishingly within just 8 seconds.

#5 The Rock def. Eric Rowan ( 7 Seconds )

The Rock swiftly countered Eric Rowan's attack and delivered a Rock Bottom, achieving a lightning-fast victory in Wrestlemania only 7 seconds

#4 Shinsuke Nakamura def. Jeff Hardy  ( 6 Seconds )

Nakamura hit a Lowblow, capitalized instantly, catching Jeff Hardy with a Kinshasa knee strike, claiming the United States title in a 6-second showdown.

#3 The Rock def. Big BossMan ( 5 Seconds )

The Rock promptly caught Big Boss Man off guard, executing a Roll Up for the win in an astonishingly brief 5 seconds

#2 Spike Dudley def. William Regal ( 4 Seconds )

Spike seized an opportunity, using brass knuckles to stun Regal and swiftly secure victory, claiming the WWE European title in just 4 seconds.

#1 Jericho & Lawler def. Taz & Mideon ( 3 Seconds )

In a rapid sequence, Lawler rolled up Tazz, securing the pinfall win, with Jericho and Lawler achieving the shortest-ever match victory in only 3 seconds.