Top 10 Most Handsome Black Wrestlers in WWE

#10 shelton benjamin

Shelton Benjamin is among one of the most athletic wrestlers in the company and has won many accolades along the road.

#9 Bobby lashley

Walking bomb in the ring, Bobby Lashley's power is unmatched in WWE. His muscular body is one to highly regarded as.

#8 booker t

Former World Heavyweight Champion Booker T is among the most decorated back wrestlers in the company..

#7 apollo crews

Apollo is among the victims of bad booking in WWE. Although his career didn't go to great heights he still won a few championships.

#6 Big E

The New Day's fighter Big E is the soul of WWE NXT. His performance and charisma are second to none in the faction.

#5  R-Truth

A comedic genius in the body of a wrestler, R-Truth's personality and comedic storylines were one that people would enjoy to the fullest.

#4 Kofi kingston

Better known for his high-flying maneuvers, Kofi Kingston is one of the fan favorite black wrestlers.

#3 Rocky Johnson

Father of Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and a Hollywood icon, Rocky Johnson, despite having a short run in WWE, is among one of the most handsome wrestlers.

#2 Ricochet

The One and Only Ricochet never backs out however hard a move might be. He is among the players that would go to unbelievable heights just for entertainment.

#1 The rock

One of the most popular superstars in WWE and a Hollywood superstar, The Rock is definitely one of the most handsome black wrestlers in the company.