Top 10 most beautiful female wrestlers in WWE

#10 Nikki bella

Two times Diva's Champion Nikki Bella kickstarts our list for the most beautiful female WWE superstars.

#9 liv morgan

One of the prettiest in the industry, Liv Morgan's energy is more than enough to excite the whole live audience.

#8 alexa bliss

The glow on Alexa Bliss is what holds a lot of audience on the show. Her colorful personality makes her one of the most beautiful in the company.

#7 Becky Lynch

Becky Lynch has some of the best looks in the Industry and her style just glorifies her personna and beauty.

#6 trish stratus

Entertaining us for more than two decades now, Trish Stratus seems like she is ageing in reverse with time.

#5 mandy rose

Surely, one of the hottest female wrestlers, she has a fanbase out of the wrestling world as well.

#4 'ravishing rusian' lana

Not only is her looks and style great but her Russian accent is way more enticing than all.

#3 maryse

Maryse is one of the few wrestlers in WWE that have won a beauty pageant prior to joining.

#2 Stacy Keibler

WWE Hall of Famer and WWE Babe of the Year 2003, Stacy's looks can stun anyone. Her charisma is unmatched.

#1 Paige

No one even comes close to her when we speak about beauty and looks. WWE's Paige is just unbeatable.