Top 10 Japanese Wrestlers in WWE History 

#10 Yoshi tatsu

One of the major NXT storyline characters and a big-time Tag Team player, Yoshi Tatsu kickstarts our countdown.

#9 Kenzo suzuki

Apart from wrestling, Kenzo Suzuki made his influence in WWE by having a rap battle with John Cena.

#8 Tatsumi fujinami

WWE Hall of Famer Tatsumi was among the very first wrestlers in the company and won the Heavyweight Championship three times.

#7 Hiedo itami

Previously known as KENTA, Hideo Itami had an influential but inconsistent career in WWE due to his injuries.

#6 tajiri

World Tag Team Championship winner Yoshihiro Tajiri is one of the most influential Japanese wrestlers of his era.

#5 Satoru sayama

One of the earliest Japanese players in the gig, Satoru came to be known as the Original Tiger Mask.

#4 ultimo dragon

Alongside Tajiri, Ultimo played an important role in reviving and building a foundation for Japanese wrestlers in WWE. However, he parted ways when he was forced to remove his mask.

#3 kota ibushi

Might not have played a great role in WWE. However, Ibushi was one of the greatest Japanese wrestlers when he joined the company.

#2 Asuka

First Woman to ever win the Royal Rumble, Money in The Bank, and Elimination Chamber in a single run, she is surely the greatest Japanese female wrestler in WWE.

#1 shinsuke nakamura

2x InterContinental Champion and United States Champion, Shinsuke Nakamura achieved fame second to no other Japanese wrestlers in WWE History.