Top 10 Players who never won a World Cup

The England no. 7 played in England's golden generation, it was a shame that despite appearing  in three different World Cups he never won.

10. David Beckham

The Hungarian international who scored 84 goals in 85 matches featured in one of the greatest Hungarian teams that lost in the final.

9. Ferenc Puskas

One of the most lethal strikers with a terrific goal-scoring record, he did not have any great players alongside to help him in his World Cup journey.

8. Eusebio

A superstar for Manchester United he failed to make the same impact for France he failed to make the team when they won in1998.

7. Eric Cantona

The Italian wall played in four different World Cups for Italy. His best finish was second when they lost to Brazil in the final in 1994.

6. Paolo Maldini

One of the best wingers of Northern Ireland during his tenure the team unfortunately never made the World Cup

5. George Best

The three time Balon D'or winner was one of France's finest. Having won the Euros he only missed out on the World Cup after losing in the semis in 1984.

4. Michael Platini

After an early exit in what was almost certainly his last World Cup, he missed out on winning it but featured in three of them like Ronaldo and Pele.

3. Neymar Jr.

The revolutionary Dutch missed out on the World Cup after losing to West Germany in the final. Nevertheless he will still be an all-time great.

2. Johan Cryuff

After winning every trophy out there in his prestigious career, missing out on a World Cup was one that hurt. However for some he will still be the G.O.A.T

1. Cristiano Ronaldo

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