Top 10 greatest debuts in WWE History

#10 Shinsuke Nakamura

One of the greatest Japanese superstars, Shinsuke's magical entrance with his partner violinist was sensational and had the audience on their toes.

#9 Chris Jericho

Debut of CJ was a result of days of build-up after a clock ticked on the Titantron everyday until it cut The Rock's promo and the theme was played.

#8 ronda rousey

Having achieved it all in UFC and MMA, Ronda Rousey made her way to the WWE stage and it was one of the most hype moments for the fans who followed both the sports.

#7 AJ Styles

Another big name signing by WWE included AJ Styles from TNA and NJPW. After days of rumors going around "The Phenomenal One" finally appeared on the Titantron.

#6 THE great khali

The audience was left gasping when a man even bigger than The Undertaker appeared on the stage and knocked out The Deadman in one chop.

#5 Sting

All the great wrestlers had already made the shift from WCW to WWE. However there was still one fan favorite yet to appear. And he finally does just to make the audience go crazy.

#4 john Cena

It is usually hard for a new name to make a debut. However, it was flawless when it comes to John Cena. WWE started him off with the Ruthless Aggression tag.

#3 Goldberg

WCW's The Goldberg King caused an uproar amongst the crowd after he appeared from under the Titantron amidst The Rock's promo after WrestleMania.

#2 The shield

Everyone including the casters themselves were confused by The Shield's entrance and how they destroyed everyone and everything in their path.

#1 Kane

When Paul Heyman walked in with a mysterious masked man, everybody knew it was Kane, who had come back to get revenge on his brother. He destroyed the steel cage door and punished The Undertaker for his sins.