Top 10 Football Clubs in the World

With more than 18 Serie A titles and 7 Champions League trophies, AC Milan is one of the most successful clubs. Their glory has declined recently.

#10 AC Milan

#9 PSG

By far the biggest club in France, they have dominated the Ligue 1 for years and with the likes of Messi, Mbappe and Neymar they look set to conquer Europe soon.

The Italian Giants are the only club in Europe to have won every international competition at least once. With 36 league titles and 14 Coppa Italias they rule Italy. 

#8 Juventus

After years of underachieving, Manchester City asserted their dominance only recently with one of the best squads in the world.

#7 Manchester City

The club is famous for its passionate fans and the atmosphere at its home ground Anfield, alongside its wide achievements in Europe.

#6 Liverpool

Bayern is a club that is for the fans and run by the fans more than it is by the owners. It's on field achievements and trebles account for its great history.

#5 Bayern Munich

Besides producing the most talented players in the world such as the likes of Messi, Barcelona is considered great for inventing the best attacking type of football.

#4 FC Barcelona

Apart from being one of the most successful clubs in England, the Red Devils' take pride in keeping Manchester red. The recent form cannot take away its rich history.

#3 Manchester United 

The Gunners' hold the record for goin a whole season unbeaten giving them the term 'Invincibles'. Arsenal captured 13 Premier league titles as well.

#2 Arsenal 

The king of European clubs as even seen in its logo. They top the Champions league titles and is the home for many great players. Truly a class above the rest.

#1 Real Madrid

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