The 7 Most Disappointing Factions In WWE History

7. Retribution

In 2020, WWE decided to make a stable with underappreciated and underutilized WWE Superstar. But it all ended as a disaster.

6. The Corre

The Corre was simply a copy of Nexus. It was also led by Wade Barrett and got nowhere. The Corre was disbanded in 5 months.

5. The Union

The members of the group were the Big Show, Test, Ken Shamrock, and, the leader, Mankind. But the faction was disbanded in just a month.

4. Nexus

The amount of potential Nexus had was Insane, but it all was ruined by mismanagement.

3. The League of Nations

The faction had talents such as Sheamus, Wade Barrett, Rusev, and Alberto Del Rio but they utterly failed in stopping shield.

2. Monday Night Messiah

After Seth Rollins betrayed Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose, the Authority helped him in making a faction, in order to save Rollins from other superstars.

1. Cosmic Wasteland

Cody Rhodes saw his transition from the future of WWE to a mid-card superstar. Anyways, becoming Stardust was simply the worst decision he ever made.

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