Roman Reigns can face this WWE superstar instead of The Rock or Cody Rhodes at the WrestleMania

A bombshell has been dropped about Roman Reigns’s possible WrestleMania opponent in a recent report.  

The recent report stated that we can see someone else instead of The Rock or Cody Rhodes battling against the Tribal Chief at Hollywood later this year. 

It was said that either the American Nightmare, Cody Rhodes or the People’s Champion, The Rock will dethrone the Tribal Chief in Hollywood.  

But to everyone’s surprise, the names of Seth Rollins and Drew McIntyre have emerged as Roman’s WrestleMania opponents. 

According to Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter:

‘Seth Rollins, who has teased a match with Reigns here and there, and perhaps Drew McIntyre could be dark horses in the sense the company could see them as more real-world champions than they may ever see in Zayn.” 

Anyways, it will be really interesting to see who gets to face the Tribal Chief. 

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