Revealing the story behind Chris Benoit's mysterious Wikipedia update on midnight

Four times WWE Intercontinental Champion Chris Benoit was amongst one of the most renowned superstars of his time. His fame increased even more after his tragic death.

On June 24th, 2007 Chris Benoit was found dead hanging on his ceiling. There were two more dead bodies lying around in his house.

However, on the same night, an anonymous Wikipedia user edited his death 14 hours before police found the bodies in his house.

The Wikipedia edit said that Chris Benoit was on drugs and had drugged his kid and wife before murdering them and hanging himself to death.

What is more frightening and shocking is that this edit was pixel perfect and the investigation produced the same results.

When asked about it, the user says that it was nothing but a huge coincidence. He had written the edit from rumours and reports from around the internet and network.

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