Most Successful managers in UEFA Champions League

Liverpool is currently regarded as one of the best clubs in the world. He has led his teams to victory in 55 of the tournament's 97 games.

#7 Jurgen Klopp

Louis Van Gaal has led some of the most successful clubs in Champions League history. He has 57 wins in 95 matches, making him the tournament's sixth most successful manager.

#6 Louis Van Gaal

Jose Mourinho has two Champions League titles to his name, one with FC Porto and the other with Inter Milan. He has led his teams to 81 Champions League victories in 150 games.

#5 Jose Mourinho

The former Gunner boss has an unblemished record in the competition. The Frenchman has won 86 of the 184 matches he has played in.

#4 Arsene Wenger

Pep Guardiola has won two Champions League titles. He has won 95 of his team's 151 Champions League games, for a 63 percent winning percentage.

#3 Pep Guardiola

Carlo Ancelotti has been an asset to every team he has led. The Italian coach has won 102 games in 181 games. Only Ancelotti has won the Champions League with two different teams four times.

#2 Carlo Ancelotti

Alex Ferguson has won more Champions League games than anyone else. He led United in the Champions League 190 times and won 102 games, giving him a 54% winning percentage.

#1 Sir Alex Ferguson

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