Top 10 Longest - Reigning WWE World Heavyweight Champions

#10 Hulk hogan (364 days)

Hulk Hogan's second World Champion reign was one of the longest and lasted for almost an year.

The Macho Man successfully defended his championship for more than a year before losing it to Hulk Hogan.


#8 AJ styles (371 days)

Styles' second World Title reign became one of the greatest as he defended it against almost everyone in the roster.

#7 John cena (380 days)

16x World Champion John Cena's title reign in 2016 would've never come to an end if not for his injury the following year.

#6 cm punk (434 days)

After defeating John Cena twice, CM Punk bagged the title for a whopping 434 days. He successfully defended the title against all the big names in the company.

#5 pedro morales (1027 days)

One of the earliest superstars, Pedro Morales held the title for almost 1027 days before giving it up in 1973.

#4 bruno sammaartino (1237 days)

After Pedro Morales, Bruno was the one who held the title for another 3 years. Spoiler Alert! This is his second longest World Title reign.

#3 Hulk hogan (1474 days)

Defending the title for over 4 years, Hulk Hogan's longest World Title reign is the third longest in WWE History.

#2 bob backlund (2135 days)

One of the greatest wrestlers of all-time, Bob Backlund held the World Title for almost 6 years defeating everyone in his path.

#1 Bruno Sammartino (2803 days)

Bruno Sammartino is our longest reigning World Champion with more than 7 years of holding the title.