Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant praise Yuta Watanabe on becoming NBA's most accurate  3-point shooter

Nets' small forward Yuta Watanabe becomes the most accurate 3-point shooter in NBA, ahead of Steph Curry.

Yuta has starred in 14 games this season averaging 18.2 minutes on the court.

In these 14 games, Yuta made 42 3-point attempts and was successful a total of 24 times.

These statistics make him the best 3-point shooter this NBA season with 57.1% accuracy on his 3-pointers.

Singing his teammates praise, Kevin Durant said "Steph's a god, but Yuta is definitely knocking 'em down right now,” 

“He's playing great. We love his energy. He's hitting big shots for us, so you always get excited for your teammates," Kevin added. 

“You know, stats prove that he’s the best shooter in the best league in the world right now,” said Kyrie Irving.

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