John Cena's Five Moves of Doom

#5 Flying Shoulder Block

John Cena charges, knocking down opponent with powerful shoulder blocks or tackles, showcasing his agility and strength.

#4 Side Slam

Cena lifts and slams opponent backward with a SlideSlam move, demonstrating his strength and control.

#3 Five Knuckle Shuffle

Cena taunts with "You Can't See Me," then delivers fist drop to downed opponent and excite the crowd.

#2 Attitude Adjustment(AA)

John Cena hoists opponent onto shoulders and then drops them back-first for Attitude Adjustment finisher move.

#1 STF

Cena locks opponent in STF submission, applying pressure on neck and face for potential victory.

#Bonus - Lightning Fist

Cena introduced the sixth move of doom at the SuperShowDown and since has used it only once. Lightning Fist involves hitting your opponent with a fist.