Is this the beginning of Sami Zayn's rebel against The Bloodline?

Sami Zayn has been one of the greatest additions to the Bloodline roster. He has earned himself a position in the squad and has been entitled as an honorary Uce.

To show his loyalty to the team, Sami decided to take on their formidable enemy Kevin Owens on his own. They fought the battle in the latest edition of WWE SmackDown.

Sami won the matchup against Kevin. However, he was not happy with the Bloodline members and tag team champions Uso brothers.

Jimmy and Jey Uso had interfered in the fight and helped Sami secure his win against Kevin Owens.

Sami was clearly not happy with their decision to intervene in an equally fought matchup. His angst was seen on his face and felt through his speech.

Sami was frustrated with Roman Reigns' decision to send backup. He believed he would've won the match fair and square on his own.

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