Is Sasha Banks coming back to WWE?

Undoubtedly, Sasha Banks has been a major name in WWE's women's division for years.

But earlier this year the Boss, alongside her tag partner Naomi, walked out of WWE. That resulted in their suspension from the company.

Both of them were dissatisfied with Vince McMahon's decisions and bookings in the promotion.

However, the former Boss turn down as the CEO in July and Triple H became the main figure in the authority.

Afterward, Sasha Banks started using her real name Mercedes Varnado, across all social media platforms.

Few reports are hinting that she will start her new journey at New Japan Pro Wrestling with a surprise appearance at Wrestle Kingdom 17.

But recently with a picture alongside her Tag Team partner and holding titles, Sasha banks has again hinted at a return to the company under hunter.

"One of my biggest dreams came true today," wrote Banks.

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