Is Bo Dallas really Uncle Howdy?

Uncle Howdy is a recent addition to the Character arsenal of the WWE Universe. He made his debut not longer than 2 months ago.

Since he is a masked character, we don't know the actual identity of the superstar. However, many clues point towards Bo Dallas.

Bo Dallas is a former NXT Champion and has also won the WWE RAW Tag Team Championship with partner Curtis Axel.

Although Bo Dallas has retired from WWE, many factors point towards him being the recent Bray Wyatt's archenemy.

Bo Dallas is believed to be a brother to Bray who has come back to wake up The Fiend that is sleeping inside of Bray Wyatt.

Uncle Howdy, in his recent appearance on the stage, turned against Bray and hit him with his move: Sister Abigail.

Uncle Howdy is also 6ft 1in, the same height that Bo Dallas was measured in while he was still wrestling.

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