"If it's Theory vs. Cena, I'll be pissed," says Flip Gordon

Flip Gordon is a 30-year-old professional wrestler.

In the latest edition of UnSKripted by Sportskeeda, Flip talked about a possible WrestleMania 39 match.

When asked about a match between Austin Theory and John Cena, here is what Flip had to say:

"I mean, if it's Theory vs. Cena, I'm gonna be so happy for Theory but I'm also gonna be pi**ed because that's my dream match and Theory's younger than me."

"Me and Theory took a picture, we had our arm around an invisible person and we posted saying, 'Taking a picture with dad' "

"people used to always joke that me and Theory looked like Cena, like when I'm clean shaved, back when I was doing the salute, military, jumping out of my shorts," Flip concluded.

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